Pass on

It has been a long time since I have used my LJ and most people who are my friends already have this but I am happy to post this too. My husband has lost family members to cancer and we have also lost friends so...

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

Shel xxx


OK I have had a wine or fifty lol!!! BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR

I really hoped that my next message would be full of fun and happiness but alas. This is the reason I don't post on my LJ lol!

Good things, my kids. I adore my kids, I want to kill them at times but I love them. Mikey is now 10 and flapping like the wind but he is happy. Katie is nearly 4 going on 13 but starting nursery and taking on the world in PINK! Remind me to slap someone for that one!!!

Two other good things, my mates Flipp and Gwen. Boy what wonderful women they are. Put up with my shit, my family and problems and never moan. Growing up I wanted a best friend. Finally at 40 I have two and I adore them . Hope they knows it! Gwen's totally adorable family who are my adopted family. Without that woman I swear at times I would have done something stupid. She is one in a million.

Another good friend is Di. Wonderful Writer and good friend. Check out her fic at garvaldsmains. Hope I have that right, not very good with LJ names. If you want a link let me know if it is wrong. Hayley too (hay1ock) writes wonderful stories too. C'mon girls I am reccing you here heehee. No seriously these guys get me through so much.

They get me through the crap. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Bad things, no money, family troubles, usual shit. Hubby having a nine month online affair with some tramp from work. Oh deep joy but such is life I guess. Water under the bridge hopefully.

Father in law died suddenly in new year's day and wow that was out of the blue. He was in hospital for a blood infection and then massive brain bleed. What can you do? My hubby Mark is beside himself as is my sister in law and me and her partner are in the middle. My father in law's demon from hell (g/f) is a thorn in our side but after the funeral hopefully we will never clap eyes on her again. She is a b*tch.

More good things, LA in March with Flipp, Dee and Sian. Hopefully huggles with Jensen, Misha and Jared, the mind boggles and Asylum in May. Life really is not that bad......

Love and hugs and new year wishes to everyone
Signing off for another six months lol

Creation conventions

Me and my mate Flipp are planning to go to either the Chicago or the LA con and I just wondered if anyone had attended the LA/Chicago cons in the past and could tell me about their experiences?

The reason I ask is I am hearing differing opinions about these cons, more negative about Creation than Eyecon.

We have just been to Asylum and it was just amazing. It was very laid back, enjoyable and flowed pretty well (a few hiccups that's all) but obviously the guys weren't there so obviously when they are things are a lot more restrictive.

Anyone got opinions on whether they are good conventions to go to or not?


Asylum and life

It has been ages since I posted on here. I have often started notes but they end up as rants and I never send them! Wrote a long one a while back about some idiot telling people that they are sick about liking Wincest and J2 but decides she was getting enough attention elsewhere lol!

So for once life with me is great. A few weeks ago I saw Steve Carlson in London and as usual the guy was fantastic. That voice, those eyes make me a very happy bunny. We bumped into some girls on a couple of boards we are on. Flipp my partner in crime decide to shove me at Steve when he asked if anyone else wanted a photo with him. Poor guy must have thought I never asked for an armful of drunk, 40 year old lol! Still it was worth my embarrassment. I look drunk and dazed but I was happy!

This weekend was Asylum and what a blast that was. Me and Flipp had the bestest time there. We missed most of the talks standing in lines for autographs but still it was worth. I managed to see Sterling and Jim on Saturday morning and they were good fun. I caught about 20 minutes of Samantha's talk. Oh she is just so awesome, I have a major girl crush on her now lol! She'd do Jensen - well honey get in line, we all want a go lol!!! We did get to see AJ and Travis and Chad and Sam as well.

I plucked up the courage to have some photos done which amazingly I was not nervous about at all. I have always believed I would freak about it but I was pretty calm. It did help the first one was with AJ and Travis who are the most wonderful guys. So funny and cute and make you feel good. They are great guys and I would love to see them next year at Asylum. They totally stole the show!

Steve and Jason were brilliant entertainment, even though Jason looks like Grizzly Adams. They are just fantastic. Had my photo with Steve and Jason too. My nerves actually nearly got the better of me then when Steve said "hi, how are you?" What a dork honestly you could swear he had said "would you like my babies"!

Then I had a photo with Chad and Sam as well. I was sad to see the whole weekend end. Met some girls from boards I am on and they were all great fun too.

Saturday we are off to see Jason Manns and then hopefully and god willing we are planning our next expedition - the Creation con in LA in March.

My hubby said I could go if Jensen is there because he knows how much I want to meet him so once he is confirmed I am buying the tickets. May not be able to year for the rest of my life but hey it will be worth it!

Another than than life gets back to normal boohoo. Kids are good, sun is shining and I got my memories of Asylum - some to forget too, like drunkenly trying to do the Timewarp and some stupid dance. Remind me to avoid the disco next time.

Well that's me done.....

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Sorry if you are English but I am Welsh so I just have to say

England 19 Wales 26

First win at Twickenham in 20 years. C'mon you Dragons

Autism Awareness

As some of you may know my son Mikey is severly autistic. We have been really lucky with all the help and support that we have needed since his diagnosis at 2 - he is now 9 1/2 but still non verbal - but other people are not so lucky, due to costs and lack of support etc. Many children with early intervention and support can lead very full lives but they need access to the help to begin with.

I saw this note on keepaofthecheez's LJ this morning and I hope she won't mind me copying the note and link. Please, please take a minute to watch the video. Autism is a struggle for the children/people who suffer the syndrome but also for those who care for them every day. If there is no help and support it becomes almost impossible.


The band Five for Fighting is generously donating $0.40 to each time is viewed. The funds raised will go toward research studies to help find a cure for autism. When you have a moment, please watch this informative clip, featuring touching photos of a beloved daughter and her family.

Please, PLEASE watch the video, have your friends and families watch it, and post this to your journals. This is an issue close to my heart, as many of you know, and I think it's a wonderful cause to spread. I wouldn't ask otherwise.

There are insurance companies who refuse to pay for much needed therapy to help these children. The earlier it's caught and they CAN get the therapy, the better chance they have of leading fuller, more interactive lives with the world around them. Every day counts, and there are so many who are slipping through the cracks. So many. Please do what little you can, watch the video, watch it lots of times, leave it running in the background, get other people to watch it, donate to your local or state autism societies, learn more about this so you can help parents who have children who they love desperately, and who sometimes feel a little crazy BECAUSE they love them so much, and yet feel like sometimes they just can't get through.

Thank you to xingou for the head's up. ♥

Thanks for helping xx

2008 so far

It's been a while since I last posted. I sit and try and find something exciting to write but nothing much ever happens in reality. No lottery win, no gorgeous, hunky demon hunter in a 67 Chevy Impala knocking on the door, no NCIS agent or curly haired mathematician either. Just same old life! The thought of turning 40 scares the crap out of me too because what have I done with my that's what lol!

So here it is...prepare to fall asleep!

Christmas went pretty much without a hitch. The bitch from hell only got annoying in the evening after single handed polishing off around 3 bottles of red wine and telling my father in law what name he had on his forehead when we were playing silly games. Mikey, my son, had a brilliant day. He spent most of the time downstairs with us and even laughed and danced to High School Musical 2 (one word about that film - Why?!) From that point of view it was the best Christmas I could have had.

New Year was just as quiet as ever other year, even with my mum and brother here as well. We nearly lost mum last 3 January when she died twice from complications from pneumonia so I was determined she would be here this year to spend it with us. I just about managed to stay awake until midnight. Funny how new year seems to mean less and less each year when you are not prancing about in some stuffy pub, half naked and totally pissed up. Sorry just reminiscing!!

A few weeks ago some stupid cow decided that the brightest idea of the week was to pull out of a service station, without looking and indicating, across two lanes of very busy traffic directly into our path. The bang was so loud, it freaked me out. After checking the kids were OK I was mad, really mad and stormed off to give the person a piece of my mind. Ended up feeling really sorry for the passenger who freaked and had a panic attack about the accident. Thankfully everyone was OK and the car is currently being repaired. We have a courtesy Chevy Captiva which I must admit is one of the best cars I have ever driven so when I get a spare £17,000 I am getting one.

The central heating packed up on thankfully not too cold a day this month. £130 for a valve, not too bad. Much worse was being told we need a new boiler and water tank that could cost us £5,000. Oh sodding wonderful.

My daughter Katie has just started preschool, 2 mornings a week and she is loving it. I am lucky if she says goodbye to me before she is off playing. Yesterday morning she said to me "Mummy, can I go and play with my little friends now". So cute. On arriving her "boyfriend" came over and promptly slapped her and she thought it was great. She made biscuits apparently so Mark tells me but they never made it out of the school gate as Katie decided they were hers and hers alone. Ah well.

The news of Heath Ledger's death for some reason has hit me a bit. I knew who he was and I have seen him in a few things but I never really paid that much attention. The fact he was so young and that scares me. I believe sincerely it was accident but still it could have been a cry for help. Been there and it is not nice. It made me think about how fragile life is even when you are famous, rich and have the world at your feet.

Really I am not sure what I would do if I didn't spend my time chatting to friends and reading fanfic. I think I would just implode at times. Mark regularly ribs me about why I think it would be cool if Jared/Jensen and Sam/Dean were having sex. I tell him I gotta have some exciting in my life or my brain would shut up shop and move out. I am so lucky he never freaks out at the stuff I read lol! It is all harmless fun until it affects the guys which judging by comments Jared makes is not likely to be any time soon lol! I wish he would kiss Jensen in public!

Just three months until Asylum and I can't wait especially now Steve Carlson is gonna be there. I am so excited about that. He has the most amazing voice and whilst I adore Jason too, Steve is the one for me. I am definitely gonna pluck up the courage to have my photos done with them. I have already had mini freak outs about a photo with Jared but at the moment I am cool with it. I have been on a diet and exercise regime for a while to feel better about myself but I have lost a bit too much weight so I am trying to put it back on. Why is it that when you lose weight your boobs disappear first! I mean there is a tyre around my bum and waist so why can't it go from there eh? Leave the cleavage alone!

Well I think I have bored myself. Now where is that tv boyfriend of mine....DEAN!!


Well two weeks away from Christmas and I am semi organised.  Got all the kids presents and most of the family ones.  Just got to wrap them now, cards gone and what I have not got f*ck it!  Got the whole family, including the father in law's girlfriend from hell (do you think Sam and Dean are too busy to come and to an exorcism on Christmas Day?  Dean, TURKEY!!!)  The bitch I hate her but I shall play nice until she pisses me off or tries to get my daughter to called her "Grandma" again.  My mother in law died 5 1/2 years ago and she is her grandma. 

Me and my brother will cook all the vegetables, my father in law the turkey etc and we will eat drink and be merry - hopefully. My son is autistic so Christmas is tough for him but my 2 year old is raring to go already.  She has a little Mrs Santa outfit for the day and a fairy outfit for New's Year Day.  I so said I would never make my daughter a girly girl - ah heck it is Christmas lol!!!   The Christmas tree looks nothing like it was originally having been re-decorated about a thousands since putting it up.

I am asking for cash for my Asylum fund as for my first weekend away alone for what will be nearly 10 years I am gonna damn enjoy it.  My partner in crime, flippyoung, will see to that.  So glad I met her via SPN, she is a real cool friend and puts up with so much.  I love her!  Meeting for a drink on Friday night so that will be crazy usually is.  Hope she likes her present!!!

Mikey was a shepherd in his nativity play on Thursday.  looked great, was OK, cried a bit but he was original.  Most shepherds have sheep - Mikey had a rather large cuddly brown teddy bear.  Well that is initiative!!

I wish everyone who reads this drivel a very happy Christmas/holidays and may every wish come true for New Year - as long as you don't wish for Jensen because he is MINE!!  I tell you MINE!!!

Jason Manns...what a guy!

Me and my mate Flipp went to see Jason in concert on Saturday night and it was amazing.  After a few mishaps, like me putting the keys through my letterbox and then realising I had left my mobile phone in side.  Not really too much of a problem as Flipp has a phone I can use to call hubby to pick me up.  Well not much of a problem provided you actually know your hubby's mobile number lol!!  So we call Directory Enquiries and get put through to the pub where my family are and he comes to let us back in to get the phone.  Then there was the "there is no St Johns Road" around here when we are standing in it and actually outside where we need to go.  Doh!  And then there was not being able to get out of the tube station, the "disappearing" Slug and Lettuce, the conversation about my hubby and me and handcuffs with the barman behind us doing a double take and the sheet of glass sinks in Pizza Express - all this before we got to see Jason!  I can get lost in a paper bag!!

Jennifer Marie who I had not hear sing before was very good, she had a great voice.  Then came Riley Smith. I had heard a bit of his stuff before and really liked it.  Oh man what a voice, very rough and sexy indeed.  He was great too, although I think a bit worse for wear on beer a bit later.  He certainly looked it but he was good fun.  Then came the hottie I had been eyeing up at the bar most of the night.  How embarrassing going to see someone in concert and not realising he is the guy you are going goo goo over lol!  In my defence he did look very different to his photos.  Unshaven and wearing a green beanie hat, t-shirt and jeans he was drop dead gorgeous.  

We sat with two great girls, Denise and Donna, who were brilliant fun.  We had such a laugh.  They had gone to the convention in May and were telling us about their time there.  Donna works in special effects make up and it was great to hear someone who was not so much a fan of Jensen's but someone more interested in what happens surrounding the show.  I hope we bump into them again in May because they were great.

We also bumped into a friend and her daughter off another SPN board we were on.  It is always nice to put a face to a name and it was good to see them.  Shame Dee was called away to work but she was seeing Jason again last night so that was OK. 

All that was left was to come home, no bus as promised by First Capital Connect, stop some drunk woman trying to con free cigarettes and lord knows what else out of some young lad at the station and get over the hangover the following day but a good night had by all.